Well combined.

Photonic is adding phototherapy to its „ATO–Light for Life“ examination light range with a 2-in-1device for the diagnosis and treatment of newborn jaundice.

Diagnose and treat immediately. Theranostics is a promising trend in medicine because it combines diagnosis and treatment in an interdependent process. The benefits it brings become evident in the example of Photonic‘s 2-in-1 combo light. In future, this device will allow a smooth transition from examination to phototherapy in newborn jaundice. This results in less stress for newborns, optimises staff workflow and saves costs. „If diagnosis is clear after the first visual inspection, the physician can immediately begin with treatment as the 50,000 lux, 2-in-1 combo light is also equipped with blue LEDs with a dominant wavelength of 458 nm“, explains Photonic Business Developer Joachim Enengl.

New applications

The treatment of newborn jaundice is only the first application envisaged by Photonic for this innovative combo light currently in the prototype stage. „As a result of the modular structure of the examination light and the use of additional wavelengths, we can quickly expand the scope to more applications, such as, for instance, photodynamic diagnosis and therapy of cancer, wound healing, and sterilisation“, Enengl explains. Here, Photonic benefits from its wide range of know-how in technical product development, especially with regard to regulatory requirements. „Yet medical expertise is also required to guarantee maximum safety and efficacy in the therapeutic application of light“, adds Enengl.