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Back to the beginning
of the Optical Industry
Successful for many years.

Let us take you on a short journey through our past.

2018 And the success story continues...

We, the staff of the WILD Group, are committed to offering the best possible service to our customers. We guarantee our competences and capacities using a situational combination of our highly qualified WILD staff at currently four sites in Austria and Slovakia, our WIN partner companies and our selected suppliers. As a successful company group, we carefully generate organic and inorganic growth for the benefit of our customers.
Our owners demonstrate an utmost interest in sustainable and long-term corporate development.

2016 30 Years PHOTONIC

In 2016 PHOTONIC celebrated its 30th anniversary since we became a spin-off of the Swarovski Group. We want to thank all our customers, suppliers, (former) employees and partners, who have accompanied us through all these years!

2015 Take over of ZETT Optics GmbH

The WILD Group acquires in an ``Asset Deal`` the intellectual heritage of ``ZETT`` Optichs, thus complementing the area of innovative illumination solutions. PHOTONIC starts with the (further) development and production of minor surgical lights for various applications.

2004 Acquisition of the WILD Elektronik & Kunststoff Gmbh & CoKG

In 2004, WILD Elektronik & Kunststoff GmbH & Co KG is founded in Wernberg as a fully-owned subsidiary of WILD GmbH. WILD Electronics is the competence centre for electronics and plastics engineering in the WILD Group, with its main focus being product development. The Carinthian companies WILD GmbH and WILD Elektronik & Kunststoff GmbH & Co KG establish a QM system in accordance with ISO 13485 for medical products.

1995 PHOTONIC becomes part of the new WILD Group

An Austrian group of investors headed by industrialist Herbert W. Liaunig and Dieter Feger acquires the WILD group of companies (WILD Kärnten GmbH, Photonic GmbH & Co KG and WILD Präzisionstechnik GmbH) from Leica.

1988 Acquisition by WILD Leitz AG

PHOTONIC is acquired by WILD Leitz AG and starts with the develoment and production of illumination systems for microscopes - the corner stone of today's success.

1986 Foundation of PHOTONIC Optics

Photonic Optics is founded as a subsidiary of Swarovski Optic. The focus is development and production of optomechatronic products for security-related applications.

1847 American Optical (Leica)

Our roots trace back to the beginning of the optical industry when Spencer Lens Company/American Optical Instruments was founded in the USA. In 1869 Ernst Leitz becomes CEO of the ``Optical Institute`` - better known today as Leica Microsystems and therefore path-breaking for the development of WILD and PHOTONIC.