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Case Study: Multi-Colour-light source for Fluorescence Microscopy

Our customer needed a multi-wavelength light source for excitation of certain fluorophores.

Customer requirements

Photonic Multi-color light source for Fluorescence Microscopy

  • Multi-wavelength light source enabling the excitation of certain fluorophores
  • Defined spectral distribution between UV and NIR
  • Adjustability of spectral distribution by means of kinematic optical filters
  • Coupling of combined light into a liquid light guide
  • Long-term stability of spectrum
  • Production


Photonic Services

  • Concept design of multi-wavelength light source
  • Research of suitable LEDs, Laser-Diodes and dielectric filters
  • Design of optical path from LED & Laser to liquid light guide
  • Sensitivity and tolerance analysis of optical system to ensure spectrum of as-built design matches the customer requirements
  • Mechatronic filter kinematics
  • Design of LED drivers and TEC controller for Laser diodes
  • Modular interfacing options for illumination control and filtering
  • Prototyping and production transfer

Technical Solution

  • Multi-wavelength module UV-VIS-NIR
  • USB and serial controllable filter options
  • Integration of Photonic anti-ageing LED technology to stabilize spectrum in the long-term
  • Quiet and effective cooling