Market segments

Discover our light sources for medical, industrial and life sciene applications as well as our optical compontents for security technology.

Medical Technology
As a manufacturer with ISO:9001 and ISO:13485 certification we understand the need for uncomprimising quality and total reliability.
Explore our LED light sources and minor surgical lamps for medical applications and see for yourself.
Industry Solutions
Illumination systems made by PHOTONIC are being used in quality control, industrial endoscopy and many more applications in production and automation for many years.

We offer LED and halogen light sources for stereomicroscopes, endoscopes and imaging.

Life Science
PHOTONIC offers a wide range of products for various illumination challenges in microscopy as well as specially developed solutions for analytical instruments. Our light sources make unique structures visible and are being used, for example, in the field of in-vitro diagnostics for blood analysis.

Find out more about our product range for life science applications.

Security Technology
Development and production of optomechatronic products for security-related applications.
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News & Events
March 2018

Medicin in the spotlight In November 2018 the MEDICA in Düsseldorf opens its doors for visitors and exhibitors again to present the latest, innovative solutions in medical technology. PHOTONIC has been inspiring guests for many years and will present illumination solutions for medical endoscopy and surgical lights.

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September 2018

Photonic is adding phototherapy to its „ATO–Light for Life“ examination light range with a 2-in-1device for the diagnosis and treatment of newborn jaundice. Diagnose and treat immediately. Theranostics is a promising trend in medicine because it combines diagnosis and treatment in an interdependent process. The bene

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September 2018

See every detail. Business Development Team drives growth at WILD.  2.7 million invested in CNC production and measurement technology.  Well combined: Photonic develops 2-in-1 combo light. Photonic achieved with its innovative 2-in-1 combo light to unite diagnosis and treatment in an interdependent process. In the future, this device will allow

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July 2018

WILD has expanded its executive team with Wolfgang Warum joining the holding’s management on 1 June 2018. He will be in charge of marketing, sales and development.

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May 2018

Perfectly shaped With the latest issue we want to give insights in our variety of competencies of the WILD Group in laser technology. The portfolio is remarkable: Starting from dental lasers to individual components of high-performance lasers. A core competency is of Wild is laser beam shaping, which enables advancements o

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March 2018

Potential cooperation with regard to illumination systems It was with great interest that Stryker India recently obtained an insight into the WILD Group and its subsidiaries, which it envisages as OEM partners for future cooperation projects. Orthopaedic and surgical implants, endoprostheses, various surgical instruments,

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March 2018

The brightest LED Module on the market In early 2018, Photonic will be introducing F6000-M, the brightest endoscopy light source currently available on the market. The new model will be setting new standards with innovative functions like a cascadable current driver and next-generation LEDs. The F6000-M endoscopy light so

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