Market segments

Discover our light sources for medical, industrial and life sciene applications as well as our optical compontents for security technology.

Medical Technology
As a manufacturer with ISO:9001 and ISO:13485 certification we understand the need for uncomprimising quality and total reliability.
Explore our LED light sources and minor surgical lamps for medical applications and see for yourself.
Industry Solutions
Illumination systems made by PHOTONIC are being used in quality control, industrial endoscopy and many more applications in production and automation for many years.

We offer LED and halogen light sources for stereomicroscopes, endoscopes and imaging.

Life Science
PHOTONIC offers a wide range of products for various illumination challenges in microscopy as well as specially developed solutions for analytical instruments. Our light sources make unique structures visible and are being used, for example, in the field of in-vitro diagnostics for blood analysis.

Find out more about our product range for life science applications.

Security Technology
Development and production of optomechatronic products for security technology applications.
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February 2021

Whether in diagnosis or treatment – Photonic helps customers administer the right dose of light exactly where it is needed. Light is considered an important safety aspect in medicine: from surgery lights to endoscopy and treatment, reliable results can only be achieved with state-of-the-art lighting systems. The advanc

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November 2020

Photonic is now using new software for the virtual design, modelling and prototyping of state-of-the-art optomechanical systems for industrial and medical technology. If the objective is to reduce development cycles and cut costs at the same time when developing challenging and innovative lighting technologies, the only

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November 2020

50 Years between continuity and change. WILD‘s evolution to a successful systems partner. Viral protection solutions for medical technology. 3D light simulation opens new horizons in design. Download PRISMA – Das Magazin

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August 2020

Photonic offers an anti-aging technology designed to stabilise the light output of LED light engines in the long term. Constant brightness throughout the entire product life cycle is a decisive quality characteristic for image processing systems. But image processing is not the only application where reliable lighting is

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August 2020

Virtual Tours. Real Insights. High demand for modules for IVD analysers. Compelling antiaging technology by Photonic. New to WILD: Christian Tazoll and Matthias Ghetta. Download PRISMA – the magazine

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June 2020

Ray of Light in the Fight against Viruses. WILD develops NIR spectrograph for inprocess analysis system. Moiré lense technology: micrometre precision manufacturing. The full spectrum of 3D know-how from scanning to printing. Download PRISMA – the magazine

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April 2020

Light kills bacteria, germs and viruses. And it is extremely good at it. Photonic demonstrates why the coronavirus pandemic may change approaches to disinfection. When the outbreak of the new SARS-CoV-2 in China became known in mid-January, the rest of the world did not foresee the far-reaching impact that the coronaviru

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February 2020

We owe it to the future. Ultra-fast 3D printing mehtod for nano-objects. WILD lends a Hand with Melt Pool Monitoring. Looking back at 50 years of WILD: the theodolite. Download PRISMA – the magazine

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November 2019

Cutting Edge. WILD manufactures state-of-the-art hemodynamic monitoring system. Life cycle Engineering helps relaunch the HRT 3 RCM worldwide. Photonic intensifies cooperation with 3D endoscope manufacturer. Latest FDA audit confirms WILD´s top quality standards. Download PRISMA – the magazine

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