Market focus

As a highly-specialised allrounder, we have acquired comprehensive know-how in the following future markets. We always look forward to new challenges, such as taking your latest innovations into serial production.

Microscopy Light Sources
PHOTONIC is a sought-after light specialist, thanks to over 20 years of experience in the development and production of lighting solutions for renowned microscopy manufacturers.
Surgical Microscopy
As a long-standing partner of surgical microscope manufacturers, PHOTONIC has developed a variety of solutions for complex lighting scenarios in the past.
Whether rigid or flexible, with camera or analogue, 2D or 3D, medical or industrial: Endoscopes for the examination of cavities have become an indispensable part of the modern world.
Photonic ATO minor surgical light head
Surgical Lights
With the ATO series, PHOTONIC offers a lighting solution for the increasing requirements that healthcare facilities place on examination and surgical lights.
Security Technology
Development and production of optomechatronic products for security technology applications.
What our customers say about us

Optical Inspection and Metrology at 4H-JENA Engineering GmbH
“Photonic lighting solutions are the best on the market in terms of performance, quality and durability. We are very satisfied with the support and partnership-based cooperation.”

Support & Customer Care Manager at Optimax Imaging Inspection & Measurement Ltd
„Photonic is our most innovative supplier when it comes to high level lighting solutions.”

„Photonic offers great light solutions for microscopy and a high quality of business support.”

Head of R&D Stereo microscopy, ZEISS Microscopy
"Photonic is our competent partner with great problem-solving competence, convincing us for many years with great flexibility and high quality standards."

News & Events
July 2022

The WILD Group is strengthening its management: With immediate effect, Stefan Zotter is taking over the operational management of the Photonic, based in Vienna. The 37-year-old Viennese Dr. Stefan Zotter is eager to push forward the successful Photonic strategy of acting primarily as a technology partner for lighting tec

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May 2022

Whether in automated quality control or whenever manual precision work under the microscope is required: Photonic‘s LED high power ring light can be smoothly integrated into any workflow. Those who carry out precision work under the microscope must fully concentrate on their task. This is often difficult in the case of

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March 2022

Next level light. At the 2022 LASER World of PHOTONICS, the WILD Group will be presenting itself as a highly specialised allrounder for the development and manufacturing of optical technologies. It is a broad field of key technologies that WILD and Photonic, together with LED specialist Luminus, will provide insight to

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February 2022

The close interplay between optics design and manufacturing offers planning and cost certainty to WILD‘s customers and guarantees that design focuses on manufacturing from the outset. On the product side, there are ever more complex geometrical shapes, advancing miniaturisation and higher requirements for precision, qu

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November 2021

The relaunch of MEDICA/COMPAMED 2021 sees a sizeable WILD Group presence and a whole host of innovations.  How can you combine different ideas to create an innovative product? Moreover, what distinguishes those specialists who develop and manufacture such high-tech devices using their experience, know-how and technical

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August 2021

Photonic focuses on flow cytometry technology, a technology which is becoming ever more important. Today it is considered one of the key technologies for the analysis of heterogeneous cell populations, such as those found in the blood. Its areas of application have continuously expanded in recent years. Not least due to

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May 2021

Photonic‘s small ATO surgery lights undergo a technical redesign due to the MDR. The result is an innovative feature for endoscopy and a great deal of registration expertise, which is now available to all customers.  Performing concentrated visual examinations for hours on end is a mental and physical feat for physicia

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February 2021

Whether in diagnosis or treatment – Photonic helps customers administer the right dose of light exactly where it is needed. Light is considered an important safety aspect in medicine: from surgery lights to endoscopy and treatment, reliable results can only be achieved with state-of-the-art lighting systems. The advanc

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November 2020

Photonic is now using new software for the virtual design, modelling and prototyping of state-of-the-art optomechanical systems for industrial and medical technology. If the objective is to reduce development cycles and cut costs at the same time when developing challenging and innovative lighting technologies, the only

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