Intuitive use.

Whether in automated quality control or whenever manual precision work under the microscope is required: Photonic‘s LED high power ring light can be smoothly integrated into any workflow.

Those who carry out precision work under the microscope must fully concentrate on their task. This is often difficult in the case of conventional ring lights, since you have to take your eyes off the microscope to find the separate control unit and lose sight of the object under examination as a result. Lighting specialist Photonic has thus developed an LED high power ring light (HPRL) with integrated control for industrial and life science applications.

”The position of the rotary/push button control on our LED high power ring light allows for an easy change from the focus/zoom control of the microscope to the ring light“, explains Mark Gorecki-Schwarz, who works in the electronics development section at Photonic. ”This direct control at the light source enables the user to intuitively adjust both the brightness and the illumination angle. When users change a setting during work, they have immediate, easy access to a previously stored setting at the push of a button“, Gorecki-Schwarz explains. When combined with multi-purpose optics, the latest LED technology also guarantees unparalleled brightness while maintaining a homogeneous illumination.

Photonic‘s LED high power ring light has already established itself in the area of quality control. ”Thanks to its USB connection, our system can be seamlessly integrated into an industry 4.0 workplace. Especially in automated quality control, this remote version allows the user to quickly cycle through different predefined illumination scenarios to highlight different properties of the test sample“, stresses Photonic Sales Manager Annette Stampfer.

The HPRL with USB connection is the latest addition to Photonic‘s LED product line for direct object illumination
in stereomicroscopy. The product range also features a whole series of ring lights for microscopy. In addition, the
lighting specialist offers fibre optic light sources and closely cooperates with renowned microscope manufacturers on the development of intelligent lighting systems.