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Optics Development
Optical systems design

The range of services offered by PHOTONIC includes the simulation and design of lighting optics and imaging systems, material selection, coating design, and the calculation of lenses and plano optics. Customer-specific lighting requirements are implemented using state-of-the-art LED and laser technologies. We test and measure initial prototypes in our labs on site, before transferring them to our own series production.

Photonic services in the field of lighting optics include:

  • Design and optimisation of the lighting system from etendue estimation to final design
  • Simulation of colour distribution, illumination homogeneity, light mixing, etc.
  • Filter and coating specification
  • Ensuring as-built performance with sensitivity analyses and tolerance analyses
  • False light/ghost light analyses

Tools: Lighttools, Zemax

Photonic services in the field of projection optics include:

  • Lens design of the projection optics
  • Sensitivity analyses and tolerance analysis of the projection optics
  • Ensuring as-built performance of the optimisation metric, e.g.: MTF, distortion, etc.
  • Coating system specification

Tools: Zemax

In-house measurement and prototype lab

Our site in Vienna is home to a class 4 laser laboratory, which is equipped with the latest measuring equipment for the quantitative and qualitative assessment of light sources and lighting systems.

Performance parameters can be quantified, such as:

  • Light output
  • Intensity distribution at the illumination site
  • Spectral distribution of the light
  • Quality of colour rendition


Metrological highlights:

  • Instruments Systems CAS 140D with integrating sphere for high-precision spectral light measurement
  • LMK Color luminance measuring camera for luminance and colour measurement
  • GLSoft