Potential cooperation with regard to illumination systems

It was with great interest that Stryker India recently obtained an insight into the WILD Group and its subsidiaries, which it envisages as OEM partners for future cooperation projects.

Orthopaedic and surgical implants, endoprostheses, various surgical instruments, endoscopic equipment and much more besides. Stryker is a pioneer in medical technology with a portfolio of over 60,000 health care products and services. This huge range makes the US company truly stand out and, accordingly, presents several potential points of interaction with the WILD Group. The objective of the delegation members from Stryker India who recently visited the factories at Völkermarkt, Vienna, and Trnava was to explore these possibilities and to become better acquainted with both WILD and Photonic.

“This visit was a first step in the evaluation of our companies as a future, long-term OEM partner”, stress Photonic Sales Manager Annette Stampfer and WILD Business Developer Wolfgang Stiegmaier. “A partnership in the field of contract manufacturing was also discussed”, says Stiegmaier, who gave the interested visitors an insight into the WILD Group’s Technology Roadmap. The talks focused especially on the comprehensive advantages that a cooperation with WILD and Photonic would bring for Stryker. “These range from reducing complexity by way of product relocation, to greater flexibility through supply chain design and the use of already existing Photonic products”, Stiegmaier explained. The meetings with Stryker India specifically addressed the development and production of LED modules and multi-colour light sources for the area of medical endoscopy where Stryker can benefit from Photonic’s long-standing expertise.