Perfectly shaped

With the latest issue we want to give insights in our variety of competencies of the WILD Group in laser technology. The portfolio is remarkable: Starting from dental lasers to individual components of high-performance lasers. A core competency is of Wild is laser beam shaping, which enables advancements of various applications. Our R&D and production enviroment is unique and peferty fitted to the demand of a broad range or laser technologies. From start to finish – from the secure handling of sensible incoming goods to specific security areas in clean rooms for assembly – we are capable of realizing customer-specific product developtments. 

PHOTONIC follows conesquently the way of becoming a strategic medical-technology partner in the industry by showing its competencies with a newly CE certified light source for medical endoscopy. Certifying sensible products and followig all the industry and legal norms represent a big obstacle to small and medium sized companies nowadays. With the new certification not only OEM partners can be supplied but also international distributors.

All this and more awaits you in our new PRISMA magazine.


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