Fast-tracking outstanding light design.

Photonic is now using new software for the virtual design, modelling and prototyping of state-of-the-art optomechanical systems for industrial and medical technology.

If the objective is to reduce development cycles and cut costs at the same time when developing challenging and innovative lighting technologies, the only way to go about it is through 3D light simulation. As a development and production partner with years of experience in the design of imaging optics, Photonic, too, has been applying this creative tool for quite some time to make the best possible use of its interdisciplinary know-how and to successfully implement customer requests as quickly as possible. ”We recently invested in Light Tools, a software programme which is considered to be the gold standard in the market for lighting optics. It provides our developers with significantly more design and analysis possibilities, and guarantees that the customer requirements can certainly be met“, explains Photonic Site Manager Stefan Zotter.

Especially in medical technology, these requirements are often formidable. Endoscopes, for instance, are using ever thinner optical light guides, an increasingly brighter light and homogeneous, colourfast illumination for the correct tissue differentiation inside the body. At the same time, light solutions in medical technology must be safe, long-lasting and cost-efficient. ”The objective is a lighting solution that is perfectly adapted to the customer‘s system. This is because shadows, colour fringes, irregular intensity distribution or scattered light can significantly impair medical technology products“, Zotter explains. Therefore, simulation plays a decisive role in the development process. The exact 3D modelling of optical systems allows developers to precisely trace the course of light rays through and inside optical elements and mechanical structures. ”This allows us to take quick decisions, it minimises errors from the very beginning, reduces the prototyping workload and creates an important precondition for efficient production“, Zotter stresses.

However, there are more factors behind the major success of Photonic‘s development projects: The lighting specialists maintain an excellent partner network (WIN) and can thus directly influence the developments of LED manufacturers so as to have LEDs adjusted to the customers‘ requirements with respect to light quality, performance and colour rendering index. Zotter adds: ”We distinguish ourselves through our in-depth expertise in the areas of electronics, software, mechanics, optics and application knowledge, as well as through our modular solutions. Moreover, our knowledge of normative requirements is essential for the quick approval of our customers‘ products“.