Cell count and identification.

Photonic focuses on flow cytometry technology, a technology which is becoming ever more important.

Today it is considered one of the key technologies for the analysis of heterogeneous cell populations, such as those found in the blood. Its areas of application have continuously expanded in recent years. Not least due to the coronavirus pandemic, demand for this analysis method has soared. This technology is flow cytometry, a technique now indispensable in basic medical research and in several other areas of bioscience research. The laser-based technology is also used in everyday clinical practice for the diagnosis of cancer, immunodeficiencies or possible side effects of treatments.

Thanks to its ability to analyse thousands of cells per second while recording multiple parameters at the same time, flow cytometry is a coveted tool in food analysis, the papermaking industry or the microbiological analysis of water quality. A measurement process that can be used for the isolation of a specific cell population and for the sorting of individual cells or particles is capable of delivering up to 200,000 events per second. How is that possible? In simplified terms, the cells are guided through a kind of laser light barrier, and the scattered light is detected and analysed.

”From a technological point of view, the illumination technique and the light detection path of a flow cytometer are similar to our projects in fluorescence diagnostics“, Business Developer Gerold Aschinger explains.


Due to its years of experience in optical design, dielectric filter technology and measurement technology, Photonic possesses the necessary expertise required for development or manufacturing projects in flow cytometry. ”We know how to establish the ideal light mixture for the exposure or the sharp filtering of individual fluorescence detection paths. Moreover, we are well connected with suppliers of lasers and laser diodes and we have direct access to the latest developments“, Aschinger stresses.

As a result of the closely integrated cooperation between optics, mechanics and electronics development, the company is capable of designing and manufacturing reliable optomechatronic systems. Photonic‘s expertise in the use of PMTs, APDs, and SiPM is a valuable plus in the detection of the light scattered by the cells. The WILD Group‘s experience in the development and manufacturing of IVD devices rounds off the required skillset. In the area of liquid handling, too, the company‘s in-depth expertise comes hand in hand with software design and all the required quality management processes and certifications (ISO13485, ISO9001).