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Entwicklung Photonic
Mechanical Development
Design of optomechanical systems

PHOTONIC has years of experience in the development of optomechatronic systems, thermal management and the design of casings and kinematic systems. We also provide support in the selection of materials and the functional surface treatment of the components, from prototype to series production. Our experts always consider the economic efficiency of the systems in manufacturing and production.

Photonic services in the field of mechanical design include:

  • System design from 3D concept creation and prototyping to the series product
  • Precision mechanical mounting of optical elements
  • Mechatronic positioning (Linear technology)
  • Movement of optomechanical elements
  • Mechanical design of zoom and fixed focal length lenses
  • Cooling design and simulation
  • Housing design
  • Design of test and assembly fixtures for series production
  • In-house prototype assembly

Tools: SolidWorks