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PHOTONIC und photons. A perfect team for more than 30 years.

PHOTONIC is the leading supplier of LED technology-based illumination systems for OEM customers, distributors end end-users. Application areas range from industrial microscopy and endoscopy to medical technology and Life Science. Within these segments we develop and manufacture or own products as well as OEM solutions.

The technological focus lies on the generation, coupling and guiding of high-quality LED light. Similar to electrons in electronic engineering, photons are of crucial importance for many applications. The LED technology is our corner stones for more than 30 years in the following areas:

  • Quality control and assurance,
  • Medical technology and life science
  • Optical components and systems
  • Security, measurement technology and sensors
  • Optical wave guidance

To maintain the leading role in the industry, PHOTONIC expanded the portfolio and started developing products for photobiomodulation (PBM), photodynamic diagnostics (PDD) and therapy (PDT). These applications use light as a catalysator to enable a biophysical effect with organisms, e.g. in diagnosis and treatment of cancer, in photo therapy of neonatal jaundice or sterilisation of germs.

The interplay of light and organisms is not the only future field: NIR- and multi color light sources will add various applications to already existing markets. In this areas PHOTONIC takes a leading spot in the industry when it comes to the universal development and production of industrial and medical technology-related optical systems.