Fibre-optic lighting system

Fibre-optic lighting systems consist of a light source and a fibre-optic light guide.


Fibre-optic lighting systems offer a wide range of opportunities for creative illumination.
Apart from optical aspects, with fibre-optic illumination, sensitive products are better protected against intensive warmth, as well as destructive infrared and ultraviolet radiation, as compared to conventional lighting.

Moreover, this technology, which transports light and not electricity, is one of the safest lighting technologies.

The strengths of fibre-optic lighting:

  • Provides maximum luminance on small areas.
  • At magnifications greater than 40x in connection with very small object fields of only a few millimetres, Photonic fibre-optic spot lighting with integrated focussing lenses may provide sufficient brightness for examining dark-coloured, light-absorbing objects.

Comparison of intensity of Photonic fibre-optics with 80 LED ring light, at maximum brightness

Areas of application of fibre-optic light sources:

  • industrial applications
  • quality assurance/surface testing
  • the automotive industry
  • forensics
  • laboratories
  • schools/universities