Asset Deal boosts market position

Foto Asset Deal

The WILD Group takes over the „spiritual heritage“ of ZETT Optics to expand its range of innovative optical technology solutions.

ZETT Optics, a German company specializing in light solutions for laboratory and medical technology and in industrial applications, will retire from the market as of 30 November 2015. All the company‘s divisions from development to production were transferred to the WILD Group as part of an asset deal. The latter is thus taking over the „spiritual heritage“ of ZETT Optics and will lead it into a successful future in the most professional manner. „ZETT Optics was operating in areas very similar to those of Photonic and WILD Technologies. The resulting synergies are considerable and will benefit customers in the future, since we have many years of experience with precisely these technologies, products, and production requirements“, says WILD Group CEO Dr. Josef Hackl, quite pleased with the efficient integration of the ZETT‘s valuable assets.

Since WILD also purchased all design and development results and patents of ZETT, Photonic and WILD Technologies have now secured their technological edge in several areas. „Photonic is expanding into the acquired areas while continuing to guarantee top quality. At the same time, we will have to focus on new developments that are now required“, Hackl emphasises. In the medium term, WILD Technologies will in turn manufacture the entire product range taken over from ZETT Optics. Photonic is already launching the first customer solutions on the market at the end of the year, including theMedical Light 1000 and Medical Light 600 product families.