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The WILD Group takes over the „spiritual heritage“ of ZETT Optics to expand its range of innovative optical technology solutions. ZETT Optics, a German company specializing in light solutions for laboratory and medical technology and in industrial applications, will retire from the market as of 30 November 2015. All the company‘s divisions from development to production were transferred to the WILD Group as part of an asset deal. The latter is thus taking over the „spiritual heritage“ of ZETT Optics and will lead it into a successful future in the most professional manner. „ZETT Optics was operating in areas very similar to those of Photonic and WILD Technologies. The resulting synergies are considerable and will benefit customers in the future, since we have many years of experience with precisely these technologies, products, and production requirements“, says WILD Group CEO Dr. Josef Hackl, quite pleased with the efficient integration of the ZETT‘s valuable assets. Since WILD also purchased all design and development results and patents of ZETT, Photonic and WILD Technologies have now secured their technological edge in several areas. „Photonic … Read more...
In the this edition of PRISMA we present our latest product developments as well as “door-openers” to a career within the WILD Group. WILD introduces its traineeship-program as an entry option to a professional career within the group, which allows the participant to gather fundeamental knowledge and to establish networks. Furthermore, the magazine focuses on the enlargement of cleanroom capacities, innovative production processes and an extended product portfolio of PHOTONIC. Download PRISMA – The magazine  
The third issue of the PRISMA magazine gives an overview about the innovation culture of the WILD Group and presents their first advancements The new PRISMA introduces the latest products and innovations of the brands of the WILD Group: WILD, Photonic and solar-semi. Product development is and will be based on the new Technology-Roadmap (TRM) which sets the direction of the whole group. The TRM features current and future trends and supports WILD in anticipating emerging needs of various markets. What is more, PRISMA deals with– specialized technological characteristics of products– the application of a structured innovation management– the importance of Big-Data tools for the management and with– internal optimization of existing procedures. This way PRSIMA offers insights into core activities which are usually restricted to managers only.  Download PRISMA – The Magazine  
New LED light source for medical technology With the F5000 Med, PHOTONIC presents a state-of-the-art LED technology that can be used in medical endoscopy as well as in surgical microscopy, in-vitro diagnostics and light therapy. For further information please read our press release.
As of now and four times a year, a new magazine will provide information about the excellent performance of the three brands of the WILD Group: WILD, Photonic und solar-semi. With the first issue of PRISMA, the successor magazine of our previous newsletter Achtung WILD!, we present the combined skills of the whole group for the first time. In recent years we have recognised that the cross-linking of development and manufacturing resources within the group has shown a significant competitive advantage for our customers and us. With this relaunch, WILD, Photonic and solar-semi are also moving closer together in communication. The new magazine PRISMA illustrates how the interaction between know-how, experience and advanced knowledge works across different locations and countries. We present current development and manufacturing projects as well as new trends, which we address in the framework of our technology roadmap. We also put the spotlight on employees and partners who contribute significantly to WILD developing the know-how and creating the parameters today, which will be in demand tomorrow. Download PRISMA – The Magazine
Visit us at the MEDICA in Düsseldorf. This exhibition is considered to be one of the largest international platforms for exhibiting a wide range of products and services related to the medical sector as well as providing relevant information about the latest innovations and technologies that are making news worldwide. Photonic will exhibit from 12-15 of November 2014, running stand no. D20 at hall 17 together with Human Technology Styria GmbH.Please arrange an appointment and receive a ticket for free. Send an email to!
A special edition of the „Attention WILD!“ newsletter gives insight into 12 future technologies, which will significantly co-determine the development and production of customer products in the coming years.  In order to set the right course, WILD has introduced a specialised Technology-Roadmap, which intensively promotes advancement in 12 selected technology sectors. With the support of university facilities and a partner network of experts, WILD has established technical competence and can therefore always be up-to-date and recognise new technological trends instead of just reacting to them. Whether 3D printing, new assembly materials or lightweight construction, there are numerous working sectors that will be of eminent importance for customers now and in the future and today WILD is already working on the solutions of tomorrow in these sectors.  In a separate special edition of the „Attention WILD!“ newsletter, WILD will introduce these 12 technology sectors in detail. The future begins now. Click here for the download.
At the MEDICA 2013 fair, Photonic Optics presented its newest generation of LED light sources for medical endoscopy, which will be available for Photonic’s customers as of the third quarter of 2014. With regard to brightness, the F5000Med light source is comparable with a 180 W xenon light source, and as LED technology ensures efficiency and long service life, its operation is highly economical. It is compatible with all standard endoscopy light guides, which makes it extremely flexible, and its attractive front and display have convinced numerous visitors at MEDICA. Instead of the light source, you may also use the F5000Med module for individual integration into your system.   Datasheet F5000Med-M    Datasheet F5000Med      
We have further improved our services, and as of now, you may order repair work directly through PHOTONIC’s website. Our standard repair handling system remains the same, and you can be sure of PHOTONIC as a reliable partner with regard to any contracts with our customers. Online repair-ordering is just an additional option you may use to make sure that your products are repaired and returned to you as soon as possible.
Photonic offers highly competitive functional products of world-leading quality. Due to our varied experiences we understand the details of product application, markets and the requirements of our customers. Make you aware of our outstanding knoweledges and follow the link below to start the video. Photonic Video